Three Reasons to Invest in Insulation


Today we are celebrating the unsung hero of wintertime: insulation! When we think about ways to escape the winter chill, things, like turning up the heat, hiding under a cozy blanket, or sipping on hot tea, may come to mind. But adding insulation is the best way to keep out the cold and achieve long-term comfort. Let’s explore three reasons to consider this home upgrade.

  • Insulation is key to year-round comfort.

Insulation plays the dual role of keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. How does it work? Heat always moves from a warmer space to a cooler one, naturally equalizing the temperature across the two spaces: this means that, during the winter, heated air in your home will try to move outdoors through the walls, floors, and ceilings, and, in the summer, warmer outdoor air will try to seep into your home. Insulation plays the role of minimizing this movement of heat, in turn keeping warmer air indoors during the winter and cooler air indoors during the summer. Air sealing – which plugs smaller leaks around your windows, doors, attics, ducts, and foundation – provides similar benefits by reducing drafts.

  • Insulation helps you save energy.

By preventing unnecessary heat loss and gain, insulation and air sealing reduces your heating and cooling needs. For instance, in the winter, your heating system won’t need to work as hard because not as much warm air will be escaping to the outdoors; the reverse is true in the summer where your air conditioner or heat pump won’t need to work as hard to keep your home cool.

  • Insulation helps you save money.

Because insulation helps you reduce the energy needed to heat and cool your home, it translates into decreases in your energy expenses. The EPA estimates that adding insulation and air sealing can help a homeowner save up to 20% of heating and cooling costs and up to 10% on overall energy costs. If you complete an in-person home energy assessment, you will be eligible for no-cost air sealing, plus 75% to 100% off the cost of recommended insulation upgrades.

Staying cozy this winter doesn’t have to break the bank. While you enjoy your favorite winter comforts, like flannels and hot chocolate, don’t forget about insulation as a tool for keeping warm and comfortable. From start to finish, Cape Light Compact will help you through the insulation installation process, saving you money throughout, so you can save it for the fun things, like a winter vacation!