Dedicated Professionals...

Our 15 staff members are responsible for all aspects of program implementation and evaluation. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wealth of experience to the table. We are committed to ensuring Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard residents and business are saving energy and money. 


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Maggie Downey
Compact Administrator
Briana Kane
Residential Program Manager
Phillip Moffit
Planning & Evaluation Manager
Margaret Song
Commercial & Industrial Program Manager
Austin Brandt
Senior Power Supply Planner
Matthew Dudley
Senior Analyst
Gail Azulay
Senior Analyst
Meredith Miller
Senior Analyst
Lindsay Henderson
Senior Analyst
Megan Terrio
David Botelho
Data Analyst
Dan Schell
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Melissa Allard
Senior Administrative Coordinator
Anneliese Conklin
Customer Service Coordinator
Angela O'Brien
Customer Service Coordinator