Sustainability, Security, and Stability

We are strongly committed to providing competitive electricity prices and worry-free service to our customers through competitively-bid contracts. The Compact offers the security of a fixed-rate and stable power supply option for a specific time frame, typically six months, for residential and small commercial customers. The rate for large commercial customers changes every three months.

In 2017, we teamed up with our supplier, NextEra® Energy Services Massachusetts (NextEra Energy Services), to become a green aggregator, matching Compact customers’ annual usage above the mandated state requirements with voluntary Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to provide a 100% renewable product. Read more about Green Aggregation.

While our standard supply products sources voluntary RECs from across the country, Customers can choose to opt-in to the CLC Local Green℠ program which matches either 50% or 100% of customer usage with Massachusetts Class I RECs from right here in New England.

Consumer Resources CLC Local Green

The table below shows our current standard supply pricing. CLC Local Green pricing can be found here.

Rates for Cape Light Compact 100% Renewable Electricity

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June 2023 – December 2023:
December 2022 – June 2023:
14.839 cents/kWh
21.699 cents/kWh
June 2023 – December 2023:
December 2022 – June 2023:
14.828 cents/kWh
21.799 cents/kWh
 June 2023 – September 2023:
March 2023  – June 2023:
11.931 cents/kWh
11.983 cents/kWh

* Prices include an adder of $0.001/kWh for the Cape Light Compact Operating Fund

Why did the electric rates increase?

Cape Light Compact has set the electricity supply rates for its green aggregation power supply program for the upcoming pricing term that begins with the December 2022 meter read dates and ends on June 2023 meter read dates for residential and commercial customers.

The Compact’s new residential pricing will be 21.699 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), a rate that is nearly 4 cents per kWh lower than the utility’s basic service supply pricing. Compact power supply customers should see this price reflected on the electric utility bills that they receive in January 2023.

While energy prices typically increase during the winter months in New England, this year has seen particularly steep increases due to energy market conditions. The Compact’s December – June electric rates reflect the increase in New England-wide wholesale electricity market prices which is largely driven by increased natural gas prices.  All retail and utility electricity suppliers are facing these high market prices to which the war in Ukraine and a reduced supply of alternative fuels (e.g., coal) is contributing. Higher per-kilowatt hour electricity rates reinforce the importance of participating in the Compact’s energy efficiency programs to reduce kilowatt hour usage.

Tips for saving energy and reducing energy bill impacts this winter


Cape Light Compact’s Standard Power Supply Product is 100% Renewable. This means that, for electric usage by Cape Light Compact Residential Electric Customers on the Standard Power Supply rate, NextEra Energy Services Massachusetts retires renewable energy certificates (“RECs”) and clean energy certificates (“CECs”) as follows:

a. RECs and CECs to meet the state-mandated Clean Energy Standard (“CES”) and Renewable Portfolio Standard (“RPS”), which may include RECs from wind, solar, biomass and other renewable generation resources, equal to 59.2% of usage

b. RECs in addition to those required by the RPS and CES from a MA Class I resource in a quantity equal to 1% of usage

c. RECs in addition to those required under the RPS representing generation from North American wind resources in a quantity equal to 39.8% of usage Learn more here.

  • View the components and pricing build-up for the Compact’s power supply rates, which will begin after June 2023 meter read and will end on December 2023 meter read for residential customers.
  • View the components and pricing build-up for the Compact’s power supply rates, which will begin after June 2023 meter read and will end on December 2023 meter read for commercial customers.
  • View the components and pricing build-up for the Compact’s power supply rates, which will begin after June 2023 meter read and will end on the September 2023 meter read for industrial customers.
  • View Eversource’s basic service rate.
  • Click below to view the Compact’s Current Competitive Electric Supply Agreement (CESA). The pricing strategy and supplier payment guarantee, Exhibit A and Exhibit E to these agreements contain certain confidential and competitively sensitive information and are not public documents.
  • View how Cape Light Compact procures electricity and sets the rate.
  • View a list of licensed competitive electric suppliers.
  • View information on the Retail Electric Market, including info on basic service, competitive supply, and municipal aggregation.
*Please note that the Compact cannot ensure or verify the accuracy of the information provided by other service providers.*

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Click here to view a timeline illustrating the Compact's competitive procurement process for its current contract to provide all-requirements power supply


Electric Power Suppliers are required by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to provide customers with a disclosure label. The label enables consumers to look at the energy sources, air emissions and information about the supplier in order to make a more informed choice of a power supplier. Consumers can compare energy labels to make the best choice based on their energy needs.

Click on the following links to view the current Disclosure Labels for Standard Electric Service

NextEra Energy Services Content Disclosure Label for Residential Customers

NextEra Energy Services Content Disclosure Label for Commercial Customers 

NextEra Energy Services Content Disclosure Label for Industrial Customers