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Support New England Renewable Resources

Cape Light Compact is proud to offer Cape Light Compact Local Green℠, a power supply option for those that want to support local, New England-based renewable energy resources, including resources located on Cape Cod.

When you choose to participate in CLC Local Green℠, the Compact and its supplier will match your annual electricity usage with your chosen percentage (50% or 100%) of Massachusetts RPS Class 1 renewable energy certificates (RECs). All of the benefits and protections of the Compact’s standard green aggregation power supply program still apply, but now your usage will be matched with 50% or 100% Class 1 RECs. By matching more of your usage with Class 1 RECs, you are providing extra support for the development of additional renewable resources in New England. Plus, the premium you pay for CLC Local Green℠ is 100% tax-deductible!

CLC Local Green℠ Premiums
Local Green Option Additional price premium Class 1 REC Content*
CLC Local Green℠ 50 1.3 ¢/kWh 50%
CLC Local Green℠ 100 3.6 ¢/kWh* 100%

Class 1 REC percentage is inclusive of the Class 1 REC percentage retired as part of the Compact's standard green aggregation power supply product for a total of either 50% or 100% Class 1 RECs.

CLC Local Green℠ Pricing
Residential Commercial Industrial
Term:  July '24 - January '25 meter reads  July '24 - January '25 meter reads July '24 - October '24 meter reads
Standard Green 13.098 ¢/kWh 12.993 ¢/kWh  11.127 ¢/kWh
CLC Local Green 50 14.398 ¢/kWh 14.293 ¢/kWh 12.427 ¢/kWh
CLC Local Green 100 16.698 ¢/kWh 16.593 ¢/kWh  14.727 ¢/kWh


How much will CLC Local Green℠ add to my monthly electric bill?

To estimate how much enrolling in CLC Local Green℠ will add to your monthly electric bill, enter your average monthly kilowatt-hours (kWh) in the below calculator. Once you hit the "Submit" button, the table below will show the total additional cost of switching to CLC Local Green℠ (versus the Compact's standard green aggregation power supply) based on kWh usage you enter.


CLC Local Green℠ 50% CLC Local Green℠ 100%
Additional charge for the month