Extra Savings Available for Income Qualified Customers

Income-qualified customers and renters are eligible for a number of programs and offers that can help them reduce energy use and save on monthly energy costs. Our income-qualified program has two-tiers, highlighted in the table below, one for customers at or below 60% of the state median income (SMI) and another for customers making between 60% and 80% of SMI. Income levels for both tiers are included in the table below.

Income Eligible Program

Renters or homeowners making 60 percent or less of the state median income are eligible for:

  • Fuel assistance and reduced utility rates.
      • Find full details and contact information below.
  • NO-COST Home Energy Assessments through Housing Assistance Corporation (HAC) which includes:
      • NO-COST insulation and air sealing
      • Potential heating system upgrade (if existing system is determined to be highly inefficient)
      • Potential appliance upgrades
      • NO-COST high-efficiency lighting

Enhanced Residential Program

Renters and customers that are between 60% and 80% of the state median income are also eligible to receive are No-Cost Home Energy Assessments including:

  • Access 100% off recommended insulation and air sealing
  • NO-COST LED bulbs (Only if replacing Incandescent Bulbs. CFLs are not eligible for replacement.)
  • NO-COST Low-flow showerhead and faucet aerators
  • NO-COST Advanced Power Strips
  • Information on available rebates to make upgrades to your appliances, thermostats, and HVAC equipment

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Income Eligible Multi-Family Retrofit Program

If 50 percent or more of the tenants are below designated income levels you may qualify for the Income Eligible Multi-family Retrofit Program. Click here to learn more or call 617-348-6425. Buildings not meeting the 50 percent threshold can participate through the standard multi-family offering by giving us a call at 1-800-797-6699.

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Additional Income-Eligible Energy Services:

Your income level and household size may also qualify you for a variety of additional programs including fuel assistance and reduced utility rates. Contact information to find out more is below.

For help managing past due electric bills:
Call Eversource at (866) 315-2496 and ask about their new Arrearage Forgiveness Program

To inquire about gas discount rates:
Call National Grid at (800) 532-9600

To inquire about electric discount rates:
Call Eversource at (800) 566-2080

To apply for fuel assistance:
Contact South Shore Community Action Council
During the winter months, you can call (877) 383-5243
During the rest of the year, please call (508) 778-0870