What is the Customer Directed Option?

The Customer Directed Option (CDO) allows for business customers to use their own contractor (Vendor) through an application process, but still receive many of the same benefits and incentives as going through a business energy assessment and installation with the Compact's Lead Vendor.

Who is eligible?

Any business that uses less than 1.5 million kWh per year and is performing a retrofit project on their facility. The business must have an active Eversource electric account to participate in this program. (Please note that Municipal, County, State and Federal Government buildings are not eligible for this initiative. Contact Cape Light Compact for programs available to these customers.)

How does it work?

  1. Before starting the application process and before installing new equipment, check with the Compact’s Lead Vendor to determine the eligibility of the proposed project and to establish the requirement for detailed savings projections and cost estimates.
  2. The CDO Vendor will then complete the application (with required documentation) and submit it to Cape Light Compact's Lead Vendor for review and evaluation of potential incentives. The Compact's Lead Vendor will then do a pre-installation verification of work proposed, and will also assess the rest of the facility for additional energy-saving opportunities. If CDO Vendor declines the additional scope, then the Lead Vendor will provide a separate proposal to the customer. The Lead Vendor is prohibited from bidding on the work in the CDO Vendor's application.
  3. Upon project approval, the Customer must sign the Project Approval Letter and return it to the Lead Vendor within 30 days of issuance, or the incentive offer may be withdrawn. The CDO Vendor must then complete the scope of work they proposed within 90 days from the date the customer signs the Project Approval Letter.
  4. After, installation, the CDO Vendor must receive the customer's signature on a Certificate of Installation, indicating that the work is complete and the customer is satisfied. The CDO Vendor must notify the Lead Vendor that the work is complete and submit the required documentation.
  5. The Lead Vendor conducts a post-installation site visit and begins processing any incentives owed to the customer.

For specific application and submission requirements, please review the documents below.

What incentives are available?

PrescriptiveLighting w/o ControlsWith Lighting ControlsWith Lighting Controls and Prescriptive Non-Lighting*
up to 70%up to 72%up to 75%
CustomStandalone MeasureWith Prescriptive Lighting and Lighting ControlsMultiple Custom Measures
up to 70%up to 75%up to 80%

*Excludes direct-install DHW measures such as aerators, showerheads, etc.

Projects that participate in the CDO offer are not able to receive additional incentives from other Cape Light Compact or Mass Save® programs (new construction, prescriptive applications, etc.). Any materials purchased for use in a CDO project cannot be purchased through the Upstream Programs offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save.

Prescriptive Measure Examples
LED FixturesEnergy Management System & VSDs
Lighting ControlsEnergy Recovery Ventilator
Occupancy Sensor ControlsEnvelope & Thermal Shell
Refrigeration Controls, ECMs, EconomizersHeat Recovery Ventilator
ThermostatsKitchen Hood Controls
Vending Machine ControlsPool Covers & Pumps
After-Market Outdoor Reset ControlsRack Upgrades
Custom Measure Examples
Pool Heaters
Rack Heat Recovery