Add to your business’ bottom line with our demand response offerings.

Cape Light Compact’s ConnectedSolutions demand response programs offer incentives for businesses to reduce electricity use during periods of high demand in the summer months.

How it works:

After enrolling and being approved for the program, you will earn incentives for lowering your electricity use in response to peak demand events called by Cape Light Compact during the summer.

You can reduce your demand in a variety of ways, including both automated and manual actions. Cape Light Compact works with several curtailment service providers (“CSPs”) who can help find demand response solutions best suited to your facilities and operational needs.

Cape Light Compact will pay you an incentive-based on your average kilowatt (kW) reduction over all of the peak demand events called across the season. The incentive ranges from $35 to $200 per average kW reduction, depending on seasonal participation and technology type. There are no penalties for non-performance, although negative daily performance may reduce your annual average.

Peak Demand Events:

Cape Light Compact will call peak demand events for commercial and industrial customers in the summer based on the expected regional system load. No more than 8 targeted dispatch events and 60 daily dispatch events will be called in the summer.

You will receive a notification 24 hours before a peak demand event is called. Notifications can be sent via email, text message, and/or phone call depending on your preferences and your selected CSP’s notification capabilities. You will also receive a notification when the event is over.


The ConnectedSolutions incentive is paid on a $/kW-season rate based on performance.

Summer (June – September)
Curtailment Technology Daily Dispatch Targeted Dispatch
Number of Events per Season Up to 60 Up to 8
Incentive Rate $200/kW-summer $35/kW-summer
Time of Day 3-8 PM 3-8 PM
Length of Events 2-3 hours 3 hours

Curtailment Service Providers:

Curtailment service providers (“CSPs”) are our trusted partners who provide demand response expertise and services. They can help find demand response solutions that fit your needs and operational requirements, and can often help identify additional revenue opportunities beyond ConnectedSolutions. Your selected CSP can work with you to put together a plan for participating in the ConnectedSolutions offering that is tailored to your business. In return for their services, your ConnectedSolutions participation incentive is split with the CSP in accordance with the agreement between you and your selected CSP.

You can contact our partner CSPs to learn more about their offerings:

CSP Contact Email
Enel X

Qualification Requirements and Getting Started:

In order to qualify, you must have an active Eversource electric account on a commercial rate located on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard.

Click here for full program qualifications, terms, and conditions.

You can get started through one of the above CSPs, or by emailing and attaching the ConnectedSolutions application form.