Response to Attorney General’s Questions

Cape Light Compact has submitted the following information to the Attorney General’s Office. This information was requested by the Attorney General during the discovery portion of the Compact’s Aggregation Plan review by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU). The Compact believed this information to be outside the scope of the Aggregation Plan review, and had offered to meet with the Attorney General and her staff to answer all of their questions, but thus far the Attorney General has not responded to the Compact’s offer to meet. The Compact is waiting for direction from the DPU as to whether or not this information should be included in the proceeding. In the interim, the Compact decided to make this information available to the Attorney General and other interested parties.

CLC Responses to AG Discovery – 9.12.14 – PART 1

CLC Responses to AG Discovery – 9.12.14 – PART 2

CLC Responses to AG Discovery – 9.12.14 – PART 3

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