Don’t let the Dog Days of Summer get you down! What if you could begin to control your energy use?

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Cape Light Compact is pleased to offer a new initiative starting August 15th that will allow residential and business customers to see how much energy they are using with near real time electric consumption feedback.

Since 2009, the Compact has been building on its first Behavior Initiative that some of you may have known as the Smart Home Energy Monitoring Pilot or as it was affectionately called in house SHEMP (Yes, just like The Three Stooges).

With this new effort, program participants will install a monitor that uploads data on electricity usage to a cloud-based software program for analysis. We also heard loud and clear that customers were looking for mobile applications, and this effort has that. Working with our vendor, People Power, customers will have an app that will report out their usage in real time and will show history in the daily view in 15 minute intervals. In addition, the initiative will be able to send messaging and offer tips on ways to save energy as well as challenges to win prizes.

We also understand that customers want more ability to control items that use energy. Well, what if you could set up a spare iPhone, to monitor your garage, office, dog, whatever? Also, what if an alert could be sent to your phone while you are away from your home or business that the camera detected motion? Well the Presence app available through People Power will allow you to do just that. The app also has a store where customers can purchase controls that would allow you to switch your appliances and lights on and off remotely from anywhere.

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