For Immediate Release: August 7, 2014PowerCostMeterScaled

Barnstable, MA – Ever wonder how much energy your home or business uses when you’re not there or what happens to your usage when you turn on a big energy user, such as an air conditioner? Cape Light Compact’s new behavior feedback initiative can help you find out!

Starting August 15th, anyone interested in participating in this initiative can apply online to see if they qualify at Eligible residential and commercial participants must live or have a business on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard, and have an active residential or commercial NSTAR electric account with more than 6 months of usage per year. They must have access to their electric meter to install a monitor on it and also have a Wi-Fi router that is always on. There is no cost to participate.

“This initiative builds on the success of an earlier pilot that was limited to a small number of residential customers,” said Maggie Downey, Cape Light Compact Administrator. “This expanded initiative will allow up to 600 participants, both businesses and residences,” Downey said.

A new feature to this initiative is that local town organizations will be able to earn up to a total of $10,000 in prizes for recruiting people to participate. This list of participating organizations can be found at

Applications will be reviewed and eligible applicants will be contacted via e-mail in regard to next steps. Program participants will install a monitor that uploads data on electricity usage to a cloud-based software program for analysis. The analysis is then transmitted to a participant’s smart device or computer. The monitor and software is provided by the Compact’s vendor, Silicon Valley-based People Power. “You can see how much electricity you are using in near real time, and compare it with prior days, weeks or even years,” Downey said. “The detailed feedback will also include recommendations for how you can reduce electricity usage, and ultimately the program is designed to help consumers gain a better understanding of how they use electricity and what drives their electric bills.”

The program augments the Compact’s highly successful home and business energy efficiency programs. “This program takes energy efficiency a step beyond the installation of efficient appliances and equipment, by making consumers aware of how they use energy and be able to change their behavior to reduce their energy consumption,” Downey said.


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