On March 28, 2017, the Cape Light Compact filed a petition for approval of a Mid-Term Modification (MTM) with the Department of Public Utilities (Department). The Department docketed the petition as D.P.U. 17-84.

The Compact’s Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan includes a demand response demonstration offering that is primary focused on demand response activities for residential customers. As part of this MTM petition, the Compact proposes to modify the residential component of its demand response offering, expand its commercial & industrial demand response offering, and suspend enrollment in its Residential Behavioral/Feedback core initiative (please note that existing program participants will not be impacted by this change).

These changes result in a net increase to the Compact’s Three-Year Plan budget of $605,066. For typical customer bill impacts, please see the Notice of Filing or Attachment D of the MTM filing, below:

You can view all filings in docket 17-84 by visiting the DPU File Room, selecting “Dockets/Filings” near the top of the screen, selecting “By Number,” and entering 17-84.