Cape Light Compact

Governing Board and Executive Committee Meeting

The Cape Light Compact Executive Committee & Governing Board will meet on Friday, May 12, 2017 in the Innovation Room, OpenCape Building, 3195 Main Street (Barnstable County Complex) from 10:00am – 12:30pm.

Posted 5/10/2017 at 9:19am.


10:00               Public Comment
10:10               Approval of Minutes
10:20               Treasurer’s Report, Potential Vote to Ratify Treasurer’s Approval of Contracts
10:30               Chairman’s Report,  New Board Member Packet – Discussion
10:40               Energy Efficiency Program Updates

  1. 2016 Plan Year Report Presentation, Briana Kane
  2. Reminder: April 15th-May 31st, Refrigerator Recycling Enhanced Rebate Offer

11:00               Power Supply Marketing Update, Austin Brandt


11:15               Administrator’s Report

  1. Review and Discuss Proposed July – December 2017 Operating Budget
  2. Joint Powers Entity Update:
    1. Introduction of Comptroller
    2. General Update
    3. Request For Advisory Ruling from the DPU on the JPE
    4. Discuss and potential vote on Payroll Request from Barnstable County

11:35               Board Member Update (Reserved for Updates on Member Activities the Chair Did Not Reasonably Anticipate Would be Discussed – No Voting)
11:45               Open Session Vote on entry into Executive Session pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A §§21(a)(3) to discuss matters below, not to return to open session:

  1. Regulatory litigation strategy. DPU 17-05, 2017 Eversource Rate Case.
  2. Regulatory litigation strategy. DPU 15-122, Eversource Grid Modernization Plan
  3. Regulatory litigation strategy. DPU 16-169, National Grid and Compact dispute regarding National Grid Agreement for Natural Gas Heated Homes