WHOI Recognized as 2022 Mass Save® Climate Leader


11/8/2022 - Representatives from  Mass Save® Sponsors Cape Light Compact and National Grid visited Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) on Tuesday to present the organization with the 2022 Mass Save Climate Leaders award. The Compact's Briana Kane, and National Grid's Mary Kelley, presented the award to Stephanie Madsen, WHOI's Sustainability Coordinator. WHOI is one of 19 recipients to be recognized as a Climate Leader in Massachusetts, due to their outstanding efforts to reduce energy use and lead the Commonwealth to a net zero future.

Left to right: Matthew Patrick, CLC's Falmouth board member; Mary Kelley, National Grid; Stephanie Madsen, WHOI; and Briana Kane, Cape Light Compact.

The Sponsors announced the complete list of Climate Leaders on October 5th, which was also Energy Efficiency Day. The 2022 Climate Leaders represent a wide range of industries, including life sciences, hospitality, grocery, museums, and real estate. Each winner has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the planet by leveraging the incentives and rebates offered by the Sponsors of Mass Save to reduce their organization’s carbon footprint, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and increase energy efficiency.

“Our community is passionate about making Cape Cod, and the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a greener and cleaner place to live and work,” said Madsen. “We are honored to be selected as a Mass Save Climate Leader.”

Since 2012, WHOI has achieved over 3 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy savings – equivalent to 500 gas-powered cars driven for one year - through Cape Light Compact’s energy efficiency programs, and 202,992 gross annual gas therms through National Grid. WHOI’s efficiency upgrades, including lighting and HVAC replacements, were completed with over $1.3 million in energy efficiency incentives from Cape Light Compact and $291,875 from National Grid.

“WHOI is a local and global leader in environmental science and stewardship,” said Maggie Downey, Administrator of Cape Light Compact. “We are proud to present this award for excellence in energy efficiency to such an outstanding organization.”