Resources to Help You Save This Winter

This winter, households and businesses on the Cape and Vineyard, across the country, and around the world will likely spend more to heat their homes and workspaces because of increasing energy prices. There are things you can do to reduce those heating costs, and the Compact is eager to help homes and businesses on the Cape and Vineyard prepare.


Reduce heat loss by sealing up air leaks and adding insulation. A drafty building is less comfortable and uses more energy, especially in the winter. Home or building weatherization upgrades are one of the most effective ways to improve your comfort and reduce your energy usage year-round. Properly insulating and air-sealing your space can help you reduce your heating and cooling needs, and available incentives can cover most or all of the cost.


Here’s how the Compact can help:

  1. No-cost energy assessments: Learn what you don’t know about your home, rental property, or business facility and where there might be energy savings opportunities through an energy assessment. Cape Light Compact offers no cost energy assessments to homeowners, renters, landlords, business owners, and multi-family properties .
  2. Discounts on DIY weatherization project materials: Simple projects that you can do yourself, like adding weatherstripping to doors and windows, can make your space more comfortable and reduce heat loss. Also, adding insulation around hot water pipes helps the water stay hot on the way to its destination, so that your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard. You can get materials for these projects through the Mass Save® Residential and Business Marketplaces at 50% to 85% off.
  3. Incentives for weatherization upgrades: Many buildings on the Cape and Vineyard are not insulated as well as they could be. Adding insulation can make your space more comfortable and save energy. Cape Light Compact provides incentives to help cover the cost of insulation and air sealing projects identified during an energy assessment.

For Homes:

For Businesses:

      • Up to 80% off approved weatherization projects, including recently increased incentives for attic and wall insulation and attic air sealing
      • Up to 100% weatherization incentives for buildings with small business tenants

The first step toward getting these incentives is to have a home or business energy assessment.

  1. Assistance for energy expenses. Air sealing and adding insulation can do a lot to reduce energy bills, but they do not bring them to zero and many of us will need assistance covering energy expenses this winter. Your income and household size may qualify you for fuel assistance and reduced utility rates. You can learn about available resources and find contact information for these programs on the income-eligible savings page on our website.


If you have any questions about available resources or how to increase the energy efficiency of your home or business space, reach out to the team here at the Compact. We’re here to work with you, so that together we can build a smarter energy future.