For Businesses: How to Go Electric, Help the Environment, and Take Advantage of Incentives for Upfront Savings


Do you own or manage a business or non-profit on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard? Would you like to slim your operating costs and lower your carbon impact? Does that sound good, but help getting started would be nice? If so, keep reading. We’re highlighting our business and non-profit offerings in this article! 

Cape Light Compact just finalized our 2022-2024 Energy Efficiency Plan.1 Most of our programs for businesses and non-profits are continuing as they have been, but some of the rebates and incentives just got a little sweeter! We’re excited to deliver these benefits to local businesses and community members.  

Energy Assessments for Small Businesses and Non-Profits  

The first, most basic – AND NO COST – step to saving energy and money is to schedule an Energy Assessment of your facility. We’ll work with you regardless of whether you own or lease your space. When you have an Energy Assessment, one of our energy specialists will explore your space and identify the most economical and environmentally beneficial energy efficiency improvements and equipment upgrades for your business. During the assessment, you might receive no-cost upgrades for efficient screw-in lighting, water-saving fixtures, and smart power strips. Additionally, the Compact will cover up to 80% of project costs for recommended upgrades. Non-profits and tenants that meet eligibility requirements can qualify for even higher incentives. Learn more about our small business and non-profit Energy Assessments here. Or get started by calling 1-800-797-6699 or visiting our online portal to sign up. 

If you already have a trusted contractor who you prefer to work with, check out our Customer Directed Option that can help you access many of the same benefits as going through a Business Energy Assessment.  

If you have a larger business (using more than 1.5 million kWh per year), we can still help! Reach out to Matt Dudley at or call 508-375-6829 to discuss how the Compact can support your energy efficiency upgrades.  

Heat Pump Rebates 

Have you thought about how you heat and cool your building? Chances are it could be more efficient, especially if your system is more than 10 years old and nearing the end of its useful life. If so, now is the perfect time to start planning your upgrade to a heat pump system, which could save energy and money. Standard air conditioners, furnaces, and boilers are common but less efficient than heat pump systems. Furnaces and boilers work to create heat by burning natural gas, oil, propane, or other fossil fuels, and create carbon emissions. Electric heat pumps, however, move heat from the outside in, or vice versa, so your heating system doubles as an efficient AC in the summer; a much more efficient process! Plus, as our electricity is created by cleaner, non-polluting sources, you can proudly tell your customers that you’re helping the planet by going electric with a heat pump! 

Cape Light Compact offers incentives (that have just increased!) for high efficiency heat pump systems that supplement or replace oil, propane, natural gas, or electric resistance existing heating systems. Current commercial heat pump incentives are several thousands of dollars per ton ($2,500 per ton for air source heat pump systems, and more for ground source systems!), based on cooling capacity. If you’re purchasing something other than a common commercial heat pump, check to see what incentives may be available through a participating distributor. Learn more about current heat pump rebates here. 

Incentives for High-Efficiency Commercial Kitchen Equipment 

Does your business have a commercial kitchen? First of all, yum! Have you thought about revamping your kitchen though? You could be spending around 35% of your energy bills in the kitchen and some simple, incentivized switches could save you up to 75% of the cost! Cape Light Compact can help you refresh your cooking and refrigeration equipment, improve your energy efficiency, and lower the environmental footprint of your kitchen. That way you could save money while doing the important and delicious work of feeding our community. Receive instant discounts on qualifying high-efficiency electric commercial kitchen equipment through participating dealers. Check out qualifying equipment, incentives, and participating dealers here. 

Incentives for Lighting and Lighting Controls 

Have you upgraded your business to LED lighting yet? If not, the Compact can help you take advantage of this huge opportunity for savings. Upgrading to LED lighting can lower your energy bills and improve light quality for your employees and customers. The Compact, along with the other Sponsors of Mass Save, supports instant discounts on high-efficiency commercial lighting and controls through participating electrical distributors. View lists of eligible lighting products, incentives and participating distributors on the Mass Save website. Please, go ahead and blind us with your energy and cost savings. 

New Construction and Major Renovation Support and Incentives 

Planning a new construction or major renovation project? Reach out to us early in your project to make the most of available technical support, incentives, and opportunities for energy efficiency. You can work with the Compact through multiple pathways to achieve energy savings and take advantage of incentives. Learn more about these pathways here 


Local businesses and nonprofits are at the heart of what Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard are about. You keep our economy running, our residents fed, entertained and clothed, and provide so much more for our local culture and community. Cape Light Compact is committed to helping you afford energy upgrades that help you do the good work that you do without so much of the cost. Let’s save money, protect the natural beauty of our region from environmental damage, and have fun doing it!