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Enjoy Springtime Shopping with Discounts from the Compact on the Mass Save® Online Store 

Spring is a great time of year to spruce up your home or business with new energy-efficient lighting and products. You can brighten kitchen with updated lighting, upgrade bathroom with low-flow fixtures, or set a comfortable temperature schedule with a new smart thermostatIf you’re overwhelmed by the thought of spring cleaning and making upgrades, Cape Light Compact is here to helpAs the local Sponsor of Mass Save on the Cape and Vineyard, the Compact provides its customers with access to discounts on energy-efficient lighting and products through the Mass Save Online Store. That means you can get started without even needing to leave your house  

Perhaps the best place to start is with making simple changes, like switching to a smart thermostatHeating and cooling are typically top energy expenses for homes and small businesses, making smart thermostats a great tool for maximizing energy- and cost-savings. Especially with the capabilities of today’s smart thermostats, you can easily program, adjust, and monitor the temperature of your space, even remotely from your computer or smartphone. Many of these thermostats are so “smart” they can track your temperature preferences based on your behavior (e.g. Do you turn down the temperature at night? Crank it up in the morning?), and then build a customized temperature schedule for youIn its online store, the Compact offers great deals on smart thermostats, including discounts on top brands, such as Nest, LuxHoneywell, and ecobee 

Before checking out, don’t forget to explore the storefront’s selection of LED lightinganother easy-to-adopt technology that can add to the efficiency of your home or business. Whether you’re looking for reflector bulbs to brighten a kitchen, globe bulbs to enhance bathroom vanity, or dimmable bulbs to add ambiance to a living room, our online storefront offers instant rebates on LEDs in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can even find smart LED bulbs if you want to program and control your lighting remotely 

Speaking of comfort and convenience, top off your cart with a few more energy-saving productsincluding advanced power strips and efficient water fixturesAdding a Tier 1 or Tier 2 advanced power strip to your office space or home theater setup cuts energy waste by ensuring devices do not draw power when left idle or offFinally, don’t forget to check out our selection of water fixturesAdding an aerator to kitchen and bathroom faucets, or updating showerheads, does more than save water: it also reduces energy use by decreasing hot water consumption.  

Are you ready to shop?! Head on over to to find easy-to-use products you can splurge on while accumulating savings! On top of instant rebates, these products will help you cut energy waste around your home or business. Plus, you’ll receive free shipping on orders that are over $50 in value. Don’t wait – start your spring season by sprucing up with discounts from the Compact