Update: This offer has been extended in response to high demand. Customers now have until July 31st to sign up and receive the $100 rebate.

Do you have an old, inefficient refrigerator or freezer that you’d like to get rid of or upgrade, but not sure what to do with the old unit? If you have a home on Cape Cod or Martha’s

Vineyard, Cape Light Compact can help you clear out that old fridge or freezer for free and offer you a rebate for recycling!  Local businesses with residential-sized models (10-30 cubic feet) are also welcome to take advantage of this opportunity!

Typically, participating customers receive a $50 rebate for recycling their unit through this recycling program, however, customers that sign up now until July 31st are eligible for a $100 rebate! Get double the incentive that you would any other time of year, let our team do the heavy lifting of hauling that old fridge or freezer away, and feel confident knowing that your unit will be recycled responsibly.

Old fridges and freezers use a lot more energy than newer models. The goal of the Mass Save® Sponsors Appliance Recycling Program is to remove old, inefficient units from use, so that they do not waste energy. The program ensures all the fridges and freezers it collects are dismantled and disposed of responsibly. Not only does this save landfill space, it also recovers valuable materials for recycling and makes sure hazardous materials are safely handled.

Simply unplugging your old unit can bring up to $100 in energy savings annually. On average, refrigerators or freezers that are over 20 years old use up to 1,400 kilowatt hours annually. Today’s ENERGY STAR® certified models use roughly 630 kilowatt hours annually – that’s 65 percent less energy than that older, inefficient unit from the 1990’s!

After your unit is picked up, it is taken to a recycling facility in Franklin, MA. Refrigerants and oils from the unit are extracted to be reused in other industrial equipment. Most fridges built before 2000 include switches that contain a couple drops of mercury; these are removed and sent to a qualified handler. Much older units, made before 1980, also have capacitors that contain PCBs which are sent to an approved waste incinerator. All the metal, plastic, and foam is separated and sent out either to appropriate recyclers or local waste-to-energy incinerators. The recycled materials can contribute to the production of new products, such as computers, mobile phones, nails, rebar, beverage cans, and cement.

From 2010 to 2017, the Mass Save Sponsors program recycled over 90,000 units, saving roughly 125 million kilowatt-hours per year, enough energy to power Martha’s Vineyard’s 1,000-watt Gay Head Lighthouse for more than 14,000 years! Cape Light Compact encourages Cape and Vineyard residents and businesses to take advantage of the limited-time offer for the $100 rebate that ends July 31st.

Sign Up Online or call 1-877-889-4761 to schedule your pick-up today.