Compact completes installation of almost 14,000 energy efficient streetlights 

Barnstable, Mass., June 16, 2014 – Cape Light Compact has completed the first phase of its LED streetlight retrofit project, by retrofitting almost 14,000 streetlights across Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard to energy efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Over the last twenty weeks, the Compact’s vendor, Siemens (chosen through a Request for Qualifications process), has been retrofitting streetlights in sixteen Towns and four Fire Districts, which paved the way for the project to be completed on time and on budget for the first phase.

“Overall, the feedback that has been received on the streetlights has been positive and the energy savings have been higher than initially projected,” states Dr. Joyce Flynn, Compact Governing Board Chair. “The Compact has worked closely with the Towns and Fire Districts during each phase of the process and made sure that any questions or concerns that came up were addressed.”

At the conclusion of both phases of this energy saving project, the participating Towns and Fire Districts are projected to see savings of more than $800,000 per year on their electric bills and streetlight maintenance costs. The annual electricity savings is more than 3 million kWh, which is the equivalent of approximately 2,225 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions each year, according to

As part of this project, the Towns and Fire Districts now have an accurate GIS GPS-based inventory of their streetlights, due to the technical assessments that were done of all the existing streetlights before the installations began.

This streetlight project is part of the Compact’s 2013-2015 Statewide Energy Efficiency Plan.   LED technologies selected and designed for this conversion project are expected to use 70% less energy, and last longer than the existing high pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights, thereby lowering the municipal maintenance costs. The primary fixture solution that was selected for the project is the Cree Beta LED XSP1. This fixture looks similar to the old HPS cobra head fixtures and has met and exceeded specifications, including: highest product efficiency, warm color temperature, optical and lumen control along with a 10-year product warranty.

The second phase of this retrofit project is scheduled to start in the fall of 2014. This includes conversion of streetlights in Tisbury, West Tisbury and C-O-MM Fire District.

Siemens Director of Sales, Siemens Road and City Mobility, Steve Gitkin states, “By choosing to install highly efficient LED streetlights, these communities have proven that investing in intelligent infrastructure can make a significant difference to their residents’ quality of life, but also to the communities’ bottom line. Siemens is proud to work with the Cape Light Compact to complete the first phase of retrofits and looks forward to continuing the installations.”

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About Cape Light Compact

Cape Light Compact is an award-winning energy services organization operated by the 21 towns and two counties on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. The Compact’s mission is to serve its 200,000 customers through the delivery of proven energy efficiency programs, effective consumer advocacy, competitive electricity supply and green power options. For more information, visit or call 1-800-797-6699.

About Siemens

The Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector, with approximately 90,000 employees, focuses on sustainable technologies for metropolitan areas and their infrastructures. Its offering includes products, systems and solutions for intelligent traffic management, rail-bound transportation, smart grids, energy efficient buildings, and safety and security. The Sector comprises the divisions Building Technologies, Low and Medium Voltage, Mobility and Logistics, Rail Systems and Smart Grid. For more information, visit

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