Have you recently relocated to Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard? If so, welcome to the neighborhood! Perhaps you’ve been coming here for years and are newly retired or you’ve relocated for other purposes. Whatever the circumstance may be, we’re happy you’re here and we want you to know about Cape Light Compact and our resources! Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Cape Light Compact was established in 1997 by the twenty-one Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard towns as an energy services organization to advance the interests of consumers after the restructuring of the energy industry. We serve the approximately 200,000 consumers on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard by offering energy efficiency programs, renewable competitive electricity supply, and consumer advocacy on energy issues. We work with residents, businesses, and our local communities to help lower energy costs, protect the environment, and provide sustainable and stable energy options.

What We Can Offer You

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a worthwhile investment for your home, especially if you’re considering any renovations or home improvements. We offer many programs that can help you cut down on energy use and make your home more comfortable. Everyone with an electric account on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard pays into the Energy Efficiency fund that supports these programs via a charge on their monthly electric bill.

A great place to start is with the free home energy assessment. This is available to both homeowners and renters. During the assessment, an Energy Specialist will build a customized report for your home and recommend improvements that can add to its comfort and resilience, as well as save you both energy and money. You’ll learn of beneficial rebates and incentives that can help you make the energy-efficient upgrades we recommend. During our visit we will also install energy-saving products when applicable, such as LED light bulbs and advanced power strips, at no cost. You can sign up online or by calling 1-800-797-6699.

We also offer innovative programs that are designed to help you increase your energy savings. This summer we are offering a Smart A/C Savings Program. By participating, customers save energy and can receive up to $50 in incentives by opting into small adjustments to their thermostats during select periods of high energy demand, which help to reduce the strain on the electric grid.

Power Supply and Rates

Your electric bill from Eversource, the local electric distribution company, is broken into two sections, the distribution charge and generation charge (also referred to as the supply charge). Eversource delivers electricity to your home, which is reflected in the distribution charge, and you can choose a third party to supply the energy you use. When a new electric account is established with Eversource on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Light Compact is automatically the electricity supplier.

Since 2017, we have made it easy and affordable for you to support renewable energy! Our power supply offer now matches 100% of customers’ electricity usage with renewable energy certificates, and supports local existing and future renewable energy projects.

Our Power Supply customers also benefit from competitive electricity prices and the security of fixed rates for each six-month pricing term, with no contract. We work to provide a power supply option that’s in the best interest of Cape and Vineyard electric customers by conducting a competitive solicitation to secure the best terms and conditions for our Power Supply customers. Since this renewable power supply offer began, our prices have been lower than the local distribution company’s supply pricing. Our power supply program is projected to have saved customers approximately $4.6 million from when it became 100% renewable in January 2017 through December 2018 meter read dates.

Since Cape Light Compact’s power supply program does not require you to sign a contract, you may opt out at any time without fees or penalties. If you are considering other power supply offers, please review our helpful information guide so that you can be prepared with some do’s and don’ts and what to look out for.

Consumer Advocacy

Decisions made by legislators and regulators have substantial impacts on what consumers pay for their energy. State policymakers also influence energy efficiency and renewable energy options available to customers. To make sure that Cape and Vineyard customers have their voices heard in energy decisions made at the state level, the Compact has a major focus on Consumer Advocacy.

We know that the interests of residents on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard are different and unique compared to other areas of Massachusetts. We advocate for all Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard energy users – whether you’ve participated in the multiple programs offered by the Compact or not. Our efforts focus on reducing energy costs, providing consumer choice, and ensuring transparency to help protect your energy interests – today and in the future.

We’re your neighbors! We’re here every day working on your behalf and we hope you will take advantage of all the Compact can offer. To learn more about our programs, explore our website.