Make your own sharpie tie-die!sharpie tie die

3 Sharpie markers – red, yellow and blue

2 – 9 oz plastic cups
2 rubber bands
2 – 1 oz dropper bottles with caps
Small funnel
Piece of cotton cloth
When it comes to colors, our favorite thing is mixing them all up. And if we’re mixing colorful markers, we’re going to use Sharpies. Sharpie Pen Science takes color-mixing to a new level using chromatography and a bit of arts and crafts know-how. Create a simple design of dots and lines with different colored Sharpie pens directly on your t-shirt or whatever item you choose. Using a dropper bottle, drip rubbing alcohol carefully on the design and let chemistry do it’s work. The colors explode before your eyes!

Use sharpies in the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.  Experiment with the chemistry used to create colorful fabrics, while expressing your creativity! Learn all about colors and what happens when they mix and run through material fibers. It’s amazing what you can do, both scientifically and artistically, with some Sharpie pens and a few drops of alcohol