gray house getting an energy assessment

Are you a year-round renter or landlord on the Cape or Vineyard? Cape Light Compact provides programs to increase the energy efficiency of homes  and businesses on the Cape and Vineyard, and we want to get the word out that our programs can help renters, too! As your local Mass Save® Sponsor, Cape Light Compact offers several programs that can help you cut costs on your energy bills. If you are a year-round renter with the electric bill in your name, you may qualify for additional incentives to make improving the efficiency of your home easier than you realize!

Free Energy Assessments

The Compact offers free energy assessments regardless of whether you own or rent your home; this is the best place to start. During the energy assessment, one of our energy specialists will take a comprehensive look at your home and develop a customized report of recommendations that will make your home more comfortable and efficient. The report also connects you to applicable rebates and incentives to help you take those steps. For instance, if your report includes a recommendation to add insulation, Cape Light Compact’s incentive will cover at least 75% of the cost of making that improvement. Homes that are rented and have a year-round tenant where the electric bill is in the tenant’s name can receive an incentive that covers 100% of the cost of insulation upgrades.

Appliance and Lighting Offers

Tenants with electric accounts in their name can also benefit from our lighting incentives and appliance rebates. These incentives and rebates support higher-efficiency ENERGY STAR® shopping choices. ENERGY STAR certified products are third-party tested to verify that they meet efficiency and performance standards. The Compact offers rebates on ENERGY STAR certified appliances and provides discounts on ENERGY STAR certified LED lighting online and in stores on the Cape and Vineyard. ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs may be installed during your free home energy assessment as well! If you are in the market for a new energy efficient refrigerator, clothes washer or dryer, dehumidifier, room air conditioner, or room air cleaner, please visit our website for an exhaustive list of our rebate offers.

Opportunities for Landlords

If you are a landlord, you may want to consider our heating system and central A/C early replacement, and water heater rebates to avoid the emergency of equipment failure. A failed water heater can be a mess and flooded basements can damage property along with undue stress for your tenants. Cape Light Compact offers rebates on electric heat pumps, indirect oil and propane, and on-demand tankless propane water heaters as well as solar domestic water heating systems. Please visit the rebate page for more information on eligibility, system requirements, and rebate amounts. If you have an older boiler, furnace or central air conditioning system, it may qualify for an early replacement incentive, which is higher than the standard incentive for this equipment. If you are a residential tenant who is interested in any of our programs, we recommend working with your landlord to determine which improvements are the best fit for you and your unit. A conversation today may lead to a greener and more efficient home tomorrow!

If you are interested in determining the best steps to make your home more efficient, schedule a Home Energy Assessment by calling 1-800-797-6699 or sign up online to get started. We have already helped numerous Cape and Vineyard residents successfully upgrade their homes and businesses– just ask around!