August 20, 2010
Michael Slattery showed how it can be done.

Slattery is one of hundreds of homeowners who have made their houses more energy efficient by participating in the Cape Light Compact’s energy audit and by taking an energy conservation class at Cape Cod Community College.

For the cost the class, and the investment of time for the audit (the Compact does them for free), Slattery learned how to button up heat loss, replace inefficient lights and other devices with energy-saving ones, and, perhaps just as important, what steps would not be a good return on the investment. He now saves $900 annually on electricity and natural gas bills.

It’s a great example for us all to follow. Even if you’re not interested in the greening of the planet, we are all interested in the greening of our wallets. To learn more about the Cape Light Compact and Cape Cod Community College courses, go to and