Making Energy Efficiency Affordable for All Customers


Cape Light Compact has several programs in place to ensure that energy efficiency upgrades are affordable to all of our residential customers. We recognize the savings opportunities that efficiency can deliver and don’t want upfront costs to be a barrier to participation in our programs.

For this reason, the Compact offers enhanced incentives for homeowners and renters that make less than 80% of the state median income. See below for details. The best way to get started with either program is by completing a no-cost home energy assessment.

About the Compact’s Energy Assessment

All Compact customers, regardless of household income, are eligible for a free home energy assessment. During this assessment, an energy specialist will identify opportunities to increase efficiency, comfort, and savings in your home. Simple energy-saving measures – such as high-efficiency LEDs, faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, and advanced power strips – may be installed on-the-spot. The energy specialist will also assess your home for weatherization opportunities (including free air sealing and incentivized insulation improvements), and inform you about a variety of rebates related to heating systems, smart thermostats, and appliances.

Income-Eligible Programs

Based on your income and household size, you may also qualify for additional incentives beyond those described above. The Compact can help you by covering the full cost of any recommended insulation improvements to your home, checking your eligibility for certain no-cost appliance upgrades, and by connecting you with other income-based energy-related services such as discounted utility rates from Eversource and National Grid, as well as fuel assistance. The table below provides a summary of these enhanced incentives. You can also check out the benefits by watching this video, which specifically focuses on supporting income-eligible senior residents.

Household Income Qualification Additional Eligible Offers
80% or less of median income ·         100% incentive for insulation improvements
60% or less of median income ·         100% incentive for insulation improvements

·         No-cost upgrades for certain appliances if determined to be inefficient

·         Support for updating to a more efficient heating system

·         Referral for fuel assistance

·         Referral for gas and electric discount rates on the distribution portion of the bill

Getting Started

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, the Compact is here to help you create a more efficient, comfortable living space. To get started, you can begin by calling us at 1-800-797-6699. We’ll determine whether you meet the income eligibility requirements, and then get you on the path to scheduling a no-cost home energy assessment. The Compact works to ensure all its customers can access and afford energy efficiency opportunities, and we’re here when you’re ready to start your journey to savings.