old freezers and fridges in warehouse

Increased Rebate Value Provides One More Reason to Recycle Your Old Fridge or Freezer

The Sponsors of Mass Save® operate a refrigerator and freezer recycling program that helps residents and small businesses conveniently and safely dispose of their old, inefficient units or their second units that are no longer needed. Not only does the program offer no-cost pickup and guarantee that units are recycled properly, but program participants also receive a rebate for taking this energy-saving action.

This year, the program has increased the rebate value to $75 from $50, making it a great time to clear out that old or extra fridge or freezer. Cape Light Compact, as the local Sponsor of Mass Save programs, is pleased to extend this increased rebate to Cape and Vineyard small businesses, as well as residents and homeowners.

Fridges and freezers run continually, which means, depending on their efficiency, they may cost up to $150 a year to operate. If you have an old, inefficient unit or an unnecessary second unit, you have a great opportunity to save by participating in this program.*

The Compact works with fellow Sponsors of Mass Save to provide a convenient way for removing and recycling your unit. While moving and disposing of a heavy appliance is often challenging, this program avoids the hassle by providing no-cost, at-home or at-business pickup. You can simply call 877-889-4761 or go online to schedule a pickup, and a representative will come to your house to haul away and safely recycle your unit. Approximately 95% of the materials in your fridge or freezer – including metal, plastic, and foam – will be reclaimed for reuse, rather than added to landfills. And while you’re keeping waste from stacking up in landfills, you also save money by conserving energy and by earning your rebate!

Check out the video below to learn more about the benefits of this convenient program.

*Units must be working at the time of pickup.