The Cape Light Compact Executive Committee & Governing Board will meet on Wednesday September 14, 2016 in the Innovation Room, Open Cape Building, 3195 Main Street (Barnstable County Complex) from 1:00pm – 4:30pm.

Posted 9/12/16 at 9:55am


12:30 – Open Session Vote on entry into Executive Session pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A §§21(a)(3), (a)(9) and (a)(10) to discuss:

  1. Confidential power supply contracts including trade secrets or confidential, competitively-sensitive or other proprietary information if it is determined that disclosure will adversely affect the Compact’s ability to conduct business in relation to other entities making, selling or distributing electric power and energy
  2. Update on pending mediation and regulatory litigation strategy (D.P.U. 15-166) regarding dispute with National Grid and Compact and National Grid Agreement for Natural Gas Heated Homes

3:00 – Return to Open Session

Public Comment

Approval of Minutes

Administrative Services Agreement Discussion, Jack Yunits, County Administrator

Energy Efficiency:

  1. 2013-2015 Term Report, Meredith Miller
  2. BEES Presentation, Debbie Fitton

Treasurer’s Report: Potential Vote to Ratify Treasurer’s Approval of Contracts

Chairman’s Report:

  1. New Board Member Packets
  2. Meeting with Town Energy Committees

Administrators’ Report:

  1. Meeting with DOER
  2. Update on Insurance Coverage
  3. NEED Board

Board Member Update (Reserved for Updates on Member Activities the Chair Did Not Reasonably Anticipate Would be Discussed – No Voting)