Cape Light Compact Launches New Online Home Energy Assessment

Summer is a time when we want to kick back and relax, whether it’s enjoying the beach, settling into a good book, or entertaining with backyard barbecues. Summer is also a good time to explore ways to reduce energy costs, and the Cape Light Compact’s (Compact) new online home energy assessment will help you spend less time finding savings and more time enjoying your summer.

Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can get started just by going online! As your local Mass Save® Sponsor for the Cape and Vineyard, the Compact recently launched an online energy assessment for all electric customers. By taking around five minutes to share general information about your home, you will receive an estimate of potential energy savings, along with a list of recommended upgrades and relevant financial incentives offered by the Compact.

What type of information are you asked to share? The assessment includes a series of questions about your residence, designed to collect information such as:

  • General characteristics (building type, age, size, location),
  • Structure (number of stories, type and location of windows, degree of shading and draftiness),
  • Heating and cooling equipment (heating and cooling technology, fuel sources, and thermostat settings),
  • Appliances (dryer fuel source, age of fridge, cooking fuel for oven or stove), and
  • Usage (lighting, electronics, shower use).

Once complete, you’ll see the best opportunities to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce energy costs.  You’ll also receive information about the Compact’s in-home energy assessment.

If you opt for an in-home assessment, an Energy Specialist will more closely measure energy usage and provide you with free LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs, low-flow water fixtures if yours are not already low-flow fixtures, and advanced power strips for immediate energy-savings. You’ll also receive a detailed report on recommended energy efficiency upgrades and available rebates.

Want to check out how much you could be saving, but don’t want to disrupt your summer plans for rest and relaxation? Take the first step. Right from your couch, hammock, or lounge chair, you can get started today with the online assessment! Or, if you prefer to jump right to the in-home assessment, you can contact us today by calling 1-800-797-6699.