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5 Tips to Help Manage Energy Costs During the Winter

As summer begins to wind down, the temperature and hours of daylight start to fall as well. It is no secret that New England winters can be long-lasting and include ice, snow, and freezing temperatures. For many, the change in seasons also means more time spent indoors and an increase in energy usage, but the Compact is here to help Cape and Vineyard residents get through the upcoming blustery months of winter more efficiently.

Here are a few suggestions to improve your home’s energy efficiency this winter.


  • Use ceiling fans to push down heat. Warm air naturally rises and is replaced with the cooler air. With your heating system working to warm your home, you don’t want to lose all that heat to the airspace just under the ceiling. Setting the fan direction clockwise at a low speed will help pull cool air up and push warm air back down to floor level.


  • Insulate your home. Warm air that’s been heated by your heating system can escape through your home’s attic, outer walls, doors, and windows, which ultimately is a waste of energy as it causes your heating system to work even harder to keep your home warm. Not to mention, it drives up your energy costs. Proper insulation will help keep warm air in and cold air out during the winter and vice versa during the warmer months. It’s an investment that you can benefit from year-round. Cape Light Compact can help you improve your home’s insulation by covering at least 75% of recommended insulation upgrades with our insulation incentive.


  • Upgrade your home’s heating system. If your furnace is more than 12 years old or your boiler is more than 30 years old, you may want to start considering a replacement to avoid maintenance costs down the road, evade the possibility of equipment failure and all the associated hassles (eek!), and improve the energy efficiency of your system. The Compact has a variety of incentives to help upgrade your home’s heating system. We offer rebates up to $3,250 to upgrade your oil or propane heating system. Additionally, we have incentives up to $1,500 for oil/propane water heaters, heat pump water heaters, solar water heaters, and mini-split heat pumps. Visit our website for further information.


  • Install Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. If you ever run into the issue of forgetting to turn down your thermostat in the evenings or when you’re away, this is a great solution for you! You can schedule the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature during different hours of the day – down when you’re sleeping, up right before you get out of bed, down while you’re at work, and back up when you get home – to save energy. These thermostats allow you to adjust the temperature remotely via a smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re away for a weekend and forgot to turn the heat down before you left, or want to turn the heat up on your way home before the scheduled time, you have the convenience of controlling your thermostat from your ever-handy phone. Cape and Vineyard residents can apply for an incentive up to $125 for a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat.


  • Take advantage of those sunny winter days. During the day, open your curtains and shades to let sunlight and its heat into your home. Plus, it’s always a mood booster to get some natural light during the winter months. When the sun sets, close your curtains in the evenings to help keep the heat in your home.

If you are uncertain of what specific upgrades your home would benefit from, consider calling for a free home energy assessment. Our energy specialists will conduct a no-cost energy assessment of your home and recommend improvements that can save you money and keep you warmer this winter.

Call 1-800-797-6699 or sign up online today! There is no additional charge for a home energy assessment as you already pay into the Energy Efficiency Fund (which primarily funds these programs), through your electric bill.

Cape Light Compact encourages all Cape and Vineyard residents and homeowners to take advantage of these opportunities. Explore our website to discover additional information on rebate offers and incentives