Oak Bluffs Community-Based Offering

 The Cape Light Compact is offering the opportunity to participate in our Community-Based Offering that provides turnkey services to select customers in Oak Bluffs to facilitate decarbonizing your home at no cost. This offer covers 100% of all recommended weatherization measures, any pre-weatherization barriers and or electrification barriers identified, and whole home heat pump installation. This offer is available to residents whose Gross Annual Income is between 61-80% of the State or Area Median Income.   Please see the chart below for eligible income ranges.

How Does it Work?

Residents will need to self-attest that their income falls within the moderate-income range at the Home Energy Assessment. Residents who self-attest as moderate income are eligible to receive:

  • 100% coverage for all recommended weatherization measures including insulation and air sealing identified at the Home Energy Assessment.
  • 100% coverage for any pre-weatherization barriers identified at the Home Energy Assessment.

Residents will need to fully verify their income with the Cape Light Compact by submitting an Income Verification Application that will be provided by the Cape Light Compact after enrolling for a Home Energy Assessment. In addition to the incentives listed above, residents who are fully income-verified are eligible for:

  • 100% coverage for electrification barriers like electrical panel upgrades if identified.
  • 100% coverage for the installation of a whole home heat pump to replace existing fossil fuel heating system or electric resistance heating system.

 Renters who are moderate income are eligible to participate in this offering, but the landlord must sign the contract for any of the above-listed work to proceed at the premises.

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