Cape Light Compact launched a Chill Your Bill Campaign aimed at assisting consumers to cut costs and Chill Your Bill picturestay warm as energy bills increase this winter. We worked with our Governing Board Members and the local energy committees to provide information on ways that can help you save on your energy bills. Cape Light Compact has made several presentations to energy committees and other groups across the Cape & Vineyard. A schedule of upcoming presentations is at the bottom of the page.

The Compact has many ways to help you start saving now on your heating and electric bills.

Some quick actions that residential consumers can take are:

  • Recycle a 2nd working refrigerator or freezer, and receive a $50 rebate! Visit to schedule your free pickup or for more information.
  • Use a chimney balloon to help eliminate drafts ($35 mail-in rebate available). Watch this video on how to install a chimney balloon.
  • Close chimney damper if fireplace is not in use. Watch this video on how to open and close your chimney damper.
  • Weatherstrip doors to help eliminate air leaks.
  • Consider upgrading to high efficiency appliances. Visit our Residential Rebate page to see what rebates are available.
  • Get your heating system inspected to make sure that it is working properly.
  • If you have leaky windows, purchase a window sealant kit to help eliminate drafts.
  • Visit the Mass Save Lighting Catalog to purchase CFLs and LEDs (and other energy saving products) at discounted price.
  • Visit the Residential Rebate page to see what other rebates are available.

For information on programs and incentives available for businesses and commercial customers, please visit our Business Energy Efficiency page.

Other Energy Savings Tips – click on image for larger view:



Long term actions that consumers can take:CLC Van copy

FREE energy assessment of your home or business. To sign up, please call us at 1-800-797-6699. (Please note that we currently have a high demand for assessments as more and more residents become aware of the benefits, but we are working to reduce times by increasing numbers of assessments we perform each week.)

Benefits of a home energy assessment:

  • FREE qualified energy efficient lighting
  • FREE air leak sealing
  • Rebate toward refrigerator replacement (if existing model is inefficient)
  • Weatherization incentives (standard incentive is 75% up to $4,000. Visit our Income Eligible program page, to see if you may be eligible for increased incentives).

Outreach Presentations

Learn how you can save energy and money this winter! Cape Light Compact will be making Poster with energy tips for winterseveral presentations to town energy committees on why electricity prices are increasing and ways that you can save on your energy bills. These sessions are open to members of the public.

View the presentation

1/12/15 at 1pm West Tisbury Council on Aging, 1042A State Road, West Tisbury

1/13/15 at 2:30pm – Mashpee Senior Center, Mashpee

2/4/15 at 11:00am – Provincetown Council on Aging, Provincetown

2/24/15 at 7:15pm – Bourne BOS Meeting, Bourne Memorial Community Center (this will be televised on Bourne Ch. 15)