What You Receive

If you have a mini-split heat pump:

  • Get Paid! Receive a $25 Visa gift card at the end of the summer if you participate in at least 75% of Demand Response Events called
  • Free Control Device! Receive a free Sensibo Sky device (a $99+ value – enables control of your mini-split through the Presence app)
  • Stay Comfortable! Control your mini-split system from your phone or tablet through the Presence app


Program participants must meet all of the following program requirements:

  1. Have a residence located on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard with an active Eversource account (cannot rent out property on short-term basis during the summer)
  2. Have a Mini-Split Heat Pump
  3. Must also:
    • Have a Wi-Fi internet connection
    • Be willing to self-install Sensibo Sky device (set up is easy and step-by-step instructions will be included with the device)
  4. Be willing to allow Cape Light Compact adjust thermostat set points during Demand Response Events
    • Participants will be notified in advance of the Events
    • Participants can always override Compact’s thermostat adjustments

If you meet the eligibility requirements, please select the link below to enroll in the program.


Frequently Asked Questions