Mass Save Community Education Grant

Equitable access to energy efficiency education.

Through the Mass Save Community Education Grant, the Sponsors of Mass Save are supporting Environmental Justice Communities to bring energy efficiency education programs to their residents.

Grant funding and support serves to increase awareness and access into the energy efficiency programs as well as engage with community-based organizations to promote energy efficiency-focused educational and culturally relevant opportunities. The Sponsors of Mass Save are prioritizing increased engagement with local communities through energy efficiency education and literacy to help equitably reduce the energy burden and carbon footprint across Massachusetts Environmental Justice Communities.

For one year, all grant applicants must participate in an annual program progress evaluation and carry out a number of activities, including:
  • Collaborating with participating Mass Save Sponsors
  • Creating innovative strategies and initiatives to engage residents

Selected grant recipients may receive:

  • Funding that can range from $5,000 to $25,000 per year depending on project proposals (awarded in two cycles) to support project costs.
  • Mass Save branded collateral to assist in marketing efforts of the grantee.
  • Assistance planning local events.
  • Pre-recorded training sessions by content experts on energy efficiency offerings and best practices.
  • Access to a utility company account manager to maximize energy efficiency opportunities in municipal buildings.

The Mass Save Sponsors offer multiple income based programs. Please review our enhanced incentives to learn more.



Grant applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Represent one or more of the following criteria: Community-based organizations, non-profits/501(C)(3), groups with a fiscal agent, K-12 agencies, civic associations or neighborhood councils.
  • Commit to submitting continued progress tracking metrics throughout the three stages of monetary support.
  • Participate in monthly calls and submit monthly outreach reports.
  • Establish relevant progress relating to the outlined tactics and goals reflected during the application process.
  • Propose to focus outreach in Environmental Justice Communities.
  • Involve customers within the following priority populations: renters, landlords, English-isolated residents, K-12 students, income-eligible individuals.
    • *Accepted applicants are eligible to apply again after completing the full year and submitting proper reporting documentation.

    The Mass Save Sponsors welcome applications servicing all of Massachusetts, but will prioritize environmental justice communities with a particular focus on renters, landlords, English isolated customers, K-12 student organizations and income-eligible individuals.

    Application Deadlines:

    • Opens on 5/15/2023
    • Closes on 6/15/2023



Application Details

Apply Online

Deadline is 6/15/2023

If you would prefer to submit your application via email, please forward your completed application to Kaira Fox,

We encourage interested applicants to consider attending an interactive webinar that will be offered on May 18th 2023. During these webinars we will review the application, grant requirements and answer any questions potential applicants may have.

Email or call 781-441-3209 to be added to the webinar invite list. Please send any questions to