Cape Cod Efficient Heating Options

Cape Light Compact has been working with several different agencies to come up with efficient heating alternatives for those areas on Cape Cod who are affected by the natural gas moratorium.

efficient heating options

The Compact and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources worked to put together various videos on the different heating alternatives that residents and businesses may consider. There are 7 videos total including the Introduction video, which will give some helpful background on the moratorium.

To view the various videos, you can start with the Introduction video and watch all the way through, or click on the playlist in the top left of the screen below and select a video that is of interest.

As of July 31, 2015, the map below shows the affected areas for the natural gas moratorium. For any questions, contact National Grid directly at 781-907-2201.


Below is a presentation that was made to the Cape Cod Commission.

If you are replacing an existing heating system, click on the image below to look at your options

Efficient Heating Options for Retrofit

There may be resources available to help you make your efficient upgrade.  To find out more, click on the following:


Financing – you may be eligible for the 0% HEAT Loan

If you are building a new home, click on the image below to look at your options

New Home Efficient Heating Options
You may want to consider the Massachusetts Residential New Construction Program.