We can help save you energy and money with new equipment.

If you are planning to replace failed equipment or looking to add new equipment to your building, Cape Light Compact has a couple of different programs that may be available to you. For these programs, you would work with your own contractor to install the equipment. If you are already working with the Compact on a comprehensive approach for new construction, then these incentives may not be applicable. Please contact us with questions you may have.

Who is eligible?

Any business on Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard is eligible for these programs, regardless of size.

How does it work?

There are two options that you have in order to replace existing or failed equipment or if you wish to add new equipment (including for new construction projects).

  1. Lighting & HVAC Upstream programs
    • Cape Light Compact, as part of Mass Save®, has partnered with electrical and HVAC distributors to offer high efficiency lighting products and HVAC equipment at a discounted price. These upstream programs allows for businesses to replace existing equipment or add new equipment without filling out a lot of forms and waiting for incentive checks. These programs allow for a high efficient system to be installed, with a quick turnaround, and the paperwork is completed by the participating distributor.
    • For more information on the lighting upstream opportunities that may be available, or to view a list of participating distributors, please visit Mass Save.
    • For more information on the HVAC upstream opportunities or to view a list of participating distributors, please visit Mass Save.
  2. Applications
    • Cape Light Compact has a variety of applications that include many measures. A few of these measures include energy management systems, lighting, HVAC, motors, refrigeration and more. There is generally a pre-approval process that needs to take place before equipment can be installed in your building. To view the various measures and incentives available, and the process for submitting applications, please visit our Business Incentives page.

For questions on these programs, or what may be available for your business, please email efficiency@capelightcompact.org or call 1-800-797-6699.