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Commercial Incentives

New Construction:
For new buildings, additions, gut renovations, failed equipment or planned replacement of equipment (end-of-life)

For Lighting based on specific equipment:
Lighting Systems & Controls – New Construction

For Lighting based on overall wattage/Sq. Ft.:
Performance Lighting - New Construction

For Commercial Electric Kitchen equipment:
Electric Kitchen Equipment - New Construction

For Compressed Air equipment:
Compressed Air - New Construction

For Commercial Chillers:
Chiller & Variable Refrigerant Flow – New Construction

For VSDs installed on fans & pumps:
Variable Speed Drives – New Construction

For Engineering Services:
Engineering Services - New Construction

For other projects:
Custom – New Construction

For more information on New Construction Programs, please contact Vicki Marchant at (508) 744-1278 or


For Lighting based on specific equipment:
Lighting Systems & Controls - Retrofit

For Monitoring Based Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning:
Pay for Performance – Retrofit

For VSDs installed on fans & pumps::
Motor & Variable Speed Drives - Retrofit

For VSDs installed:
Variable Speed Drives - Retrofit

For Energy Management Systems:
Energy Management Systems - Retrofit

For Vending Machine Controls & Economizers:
Vending Misers - Retrofit

For Engineering Services:
Engineering Services - Retrofit

For other projects:
Custom – Retrofit

For more information on Retrofit Programs, please contact Nicole Price Voudren at (508) 375-6886 or .

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