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Residential New Construction / Energy Star® Homes

The Mass Save Residential New Construction Program promotes the construction of homes that are built to be more energy efficient than a typical, code-built, home.

Residential New Construction Program Description 

Incentives for energy-efficient new construction range from $350 – $7,000 per unit.

Incentives apply for homes built within the service territory of the electric Sponsor. For homes built in an area serviced by a municipal electric company, and heated by natural gas, incentives will be paid by the appropriate gas utility Sponsor.Other incentives such as free Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), gas heating and hot water systems as well as central air conditioning and lighting are also available through the application.

Required Steps

  1. Call 800-628-8413 for pre-qualifying information.
  2. Select a HERS Rating Company from the LIST. Work with your rater to schedule your inspection appointments.
  3. The rater will work with you to confirm which incentives will be submitted to the Program on your behalf. You will receive an award letter from the program, via email, confirming the incentives your rater requested for you. Your incentive check will be processed once your rater has verified you meet the qualifications after final inspection of the completed home.
  4. To leverage ENERGY STAR branded material including logos to market your new home as ENERGY STAR qualified, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website at


Residential New Construction is provided by Cape Light Compact and National Grid (for gas customers) in qualifying gas and electric service areas.

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