Cape Light Compact Joint Powers Entity

Cape Light Compact is in the process of reorganizing as a Joint Powers Entity (JPE), under the Act Modernizing Municipal Finance and Government (Act) that was enacted in 2016 by the Legislature. This Act allows governmental units to enter into a joint powers agreement for the delivery of regional services. Each town on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard must vote to enter into the JPE.

Currently the Compact is organized under an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) between the 21 towns and two counties on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, and one of the member towns or counties provides administrative and financial services for the members.

The JPE will be its own separate legal public entity, and perform administrative and financial functions; including, but not limited to, contracting with a third parties apply for and receive grants; receive and expend funds, and hire employees.

Some of the elements of a JPE:

  • Board of Directors appointed by their towns’ appointing authority.
  • Enhances financial accountability by:
    • Requiring independently audited financial statements
    • Treasurer functions are performed by a separate entity
    • Annual reporting requirement to Massachusetts Department of Revenue
  • Offers express liability protection for its members regarding liabilities associated with JPE employees and programs.

The Compact’s Governing Board goal is to complete this reorganization by June 30, 2017.

All energy efficiency services and the power supply program will not be interrupted during this transition period.

View the Joint Powers Agreement that is being considered by the Towns.

The Compact has put together some FAQs that have more information.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 508-375-6644.

Meeting Notices


Cape Light Compact, JPE

Board of Directors Meeting

DATE:                         April 12, 2017

LOCATION:              Innovation Room, Open Cape Building

3195 Main Street, Barnstable County Complex

TIME:                         2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


  1. Public Comment
  2. Recognition of Members and Directors
  3. Presentation by Chris Rogers, Clifton Larson Associates, Financial Operations of the JPE (Roles and Responsibilities of Business Officer versus Treasurer)\
  4. Organizational Items for Discussion and Potential Vote
    1. Establish the Effective Date of the JPE as April 12, 2017
    2. Election of Chairman
    3. Election of Vice Chairman
    4. Election of Secretary
    5. Election of Interim Treasurer
    6. Election of Business Officer
    7. Appointment of JPE Administrator
    8. Appoint BCK Law as CLCJPE legal counsel
    9. Ratify the actions of the Compact Administrator for contacting Cape Cod Municipal Health Group and Barnstable County Retirement Association of behalf of the CLCJPE
    10. Authorize the CLCJPE Administrator to execute a lease for office space
    11. Authorize CLCJPE Administrator to apply for a tax identification number on behalf of the CLCJPE, open back accounts and execute documents needed to conduct business
    12. Appoint the CLCJPE Administrator to serve as CLCJPE Public Records Access Officer
    13. Designate Location of Posting CLCJPE Meeting Notices for Open Meeting Law (OML)
    14. Adopt Remote Participation Policy
    15. Adopt Public Meeting Protocols?
    16. Vote on Treasurer’s Bond
    17. Vote on Operational Transfer Date
    18. Agree at a Future Director’s Meeting to Revise JPA’s Effective Date , Operational Transfer Date, and Other Scrivener’s Errors
  5. Discussion and Vote on Transition Plan
  6. Discuss dates for next CLCJPE Directors’ Meeting(s)
  7. Distribute OML materials and instructions for returning certifications


Meeting Minutes and Board Packets

Meeting Date Board Packet Meeting Minutes
4/12/17  Packet