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What is Cape Light Compact?

  • Cape Light Compact is a public entity formed in 1997 to advance the interests of consumers in the newly restructured electric industry
  • We offer a comprehensive approach to energy services:
    • Competitive electricity rates with a green energy option
    • Effective consumer advocacy
    • Proven energy efficiency programs
    • Energy education
  • We serve 200,000 consumers from all 21 towns on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard
  • Cape Light Compact Governing Board represents each member town’s interest
Why was Cape Light Compact established?
  • The 1997 Massachusetts Restructuring Act enabled towns and cities to establish municipal aggregators like Cape Light Compact, that could:
    • Purchase power on behalf of all customers in the municipality
    • Implement the energy efficiency programs instead of the local electric utility
    • Administer rate-payer funded surcharge.  This charge appears on your monthly electric bill as the “Energy Conservation” charge and is one of the funding sources for Cape Light Compact’s Energy Efficiency Programs, which are available to every resident and business on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard regardless of which electric supplier the ratepayer chooses
  • By administering the “Energy Conservation” surcharge on your electric bill, Cape Light Compact keeps those funds local by serving only Cape & Vineyard residents

Is Cape Light Compact a public or private entity?

  • Cape Light Compact is a public entity – not a private, for-profit company – and our mission is to serve the public interest
  • Through the Compact, over 200,000 Cape and Vineyard energy users have been able to band together to seek out the best terms and conditions in an electric supply contract, while representing regional interests as energy advocates for our customers on a local, regional, state, and federal level – most notably with the recently enacted Green Communities Act
  • Cape Light Compact also administers the Energy Efficiency Programs for all Cape & Vineyard residents and businesses

Who administers Cape Light Compact?

  • Barnstable County is the fiscal agent for Cape Light Compact and provides financial and administrative oversight.

For more information on Cape Light Compact, see Resources » FAQ » Cape Light Compact

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